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Re: Tor is out

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Tor fixes a variety of old stream fairness bugs (most
> evident at exit relays), and also continues to resolve all the little
> bugs that have been filling up trac lately.
> https://www.torproject.org/download.html.en
> Packages will be appearing over the next few days or weeks (except
> on Windows, which apparently doesn't build -- stay tuned for an
> in that case).
> Changes in version - 2010-09-17
>   o Major bugfixes (stream-level fairness):
>     - When receiving a circuit-level SENDME for a blocked circuit, try
>       to package cells fairly from all the streams that had previously
>       been blocked on that circuit. Previously, we had started with the
>       oldest stream, and allowed each stream to potentially exhaust
>       the circuit's package window. This gave older streams on any
>       given circuit priority over newer ones. Fixes bug 1937. Detected
>       originally by Camilo Viecco. This bug was introduced before the
>       first Tor release, in svn commit r152: it is the new winner of
>       the longest-lived bug prize.
>     - When the exit relay got a circuit-level sendme cell, it started
>       reading on the exit streams, even if had 500 cells queued in the
>       circuit queue already, so the circuit queue just grew and grew in
>       some cases. We fix this by not re-enabling reading on receipt of a
>       sendme cell when the cell queue is blocked. Fixes bug 1653. Bugfix
>       on Detected by Mashael AlSabah. Original patch by
>       "yetonetime".
>     - Newly created streams were allowed to read cells onto circuits,
>       even if the circuit's cell queue was blocked and waiting to drain.
>       This created potential unfairness, as older streams would be
>       blocked, but newer streams would gladly fill the queue completely.
>       We add code to detect this situation and prevent any stream from
>       getting more than one free cell. Bugfix on Partially
>       fixes bug 1298.
>   o Minor features:
>     - Update to the September 1 2010 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.
>     - Warn when CookieAuthFileGroupReadable is set but CookieAuthFile is
>       not. This would lead to a cookie that is still not group readable.
>       Closes bug 1843. Suggested by katmagic.
>     - When logging a rate-limited warning, we now mention how many messages
>       got suppressed since the last warning.
>     - Add new "perconnbwrate" and "perconnbwburst" consensus params to
>       do individual connection-level rate limiting of clients. The torrc
>       config options with the same names trump the consensus params, if
>       both are present. Replaces the old "bwconnrate" and "bwconnburst"
>       consensus params which were broken from through
> Closes bug 1947.
>     - When a router changes IP address or port, authorities now launch
>       a new reachability test for it. Implements ticket 1899.
>     - Make the formerly ugly "2 unknown, 7 missing key, 0 good, 0 bad,
>       2 no signature, 4 required" messages about consensus signatures
>       easier to read, and make sure they get logged at the same severity
>       as the messages explaining which keys are which. Fixes bug 1290.
>     - Don't warn when we have a consensus that we can't verify because
>       of missing certificates, unless those certificates are ones
>       that we have been trying and failing to download. Fixes bug 1145.
>     - If you configure your bridge with a known identity fingerprint,
>       and the bridge authority is unreachable (as it is in at least
>       one country now), fall back to directly requesting the descriptor
>       from the bridge. Finishes the feature started in;
>       closes bug 1138.
>     - When building with --enable-gcc-warnings on OpenBSD, disable
>       warnings in system headers. This makes --enable-gcc-warnings
>       pass on OpenBSD 4.8.
>   o Minor bugfixes (on 0.2.1.x and earlier):
>     - Authorities will now attempt to download consensuses if their
>       own efforts to make a live consensus have failed. This change
>       means authorities that restart will fetch a valid consensus, and
>       it means authorities that didn't agree with the current consensus
>       will still fetch and serve it if it has enough signatures. Bugfix
>       on; fixes bug 1300.
>     - Ensure DNS requests launched by "RESOLVE" commands from the
>       controller respect the __LeaveStreamsUnattached setconf options. The
>       same goes for requests launched via DNSPort or transparent
>       proxying. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1525.
>     - Allow handshaking OR connections to take a full KeepalivePeriod
>       seconds to handshake. Previously, we would close them after
>       IDLE_OR_CONN_TIMEOUT (180) seconds, the same timeout as if they
>       were open. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1840. Thanks to mingw-san
>       for analysis help.
>     - Rate-limit "Failed to hand off onionskin" warnings.
>     - Never relay a cell for a circuit we have already destroyed.
>       Between marking a circuit as closeable and finally closing it,
>       it may have been possible for a few queued cells to get relayed,
>       even though they would have been immediately dropped by the next
>       OR in the circuit. Fixes bug 1184; bugfix on
>     - Never queue a cell for a circuit that's already been marked
>       for close.
>     - Never vote for a server as "Running" if we have a descriptor for
>       it claiming to be hibernating, and that descriptor was published
>       more recently than our last contact with the server. Bugfix on
>; fixes bug 911.
>     - Squash a compile warning on OpenBSD. Reported by Tas; fixes
>       bug 1848.
>   o Minor bugfixes (on 0.2.2.x):
>     - Fix a regression introduced in that marked relays
>       down if a directory fetch fails and you've configured either
>       bridges or EntryNodes. The intent was to mark the relay as down
>       _unless_ you're using bridges or EntryNodes, since if you are
>       then you could quickly run out of entry points.
>     - Fix the Windows directory-listing code. A bug introduced in
> could make Windows directory servers forget to load
>       some of their cached v2 networkstatus files.
>     - Really allow clients to use relays as bridges. Fixes bug 1776;
>       bugfix on
>     - Demote a warn to info that happens when the CellStatistics option
>       was just enabled. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1921.
>       Reported by Moritz Bartl.
>     - On Windows, build correctly either with or without Unicode support.
>       This is necessary so that Tor can support fringe platforms like
>       Windows 98 (which has no Unicode), or Windows CE (which has no
>       non-Unicode). Bugfix on; fixes bug 1797.
>   o Testing
>     - Add a unit test for cross-platform directory-listing code.

Very thanks.
I already have installed it on my debian-node but I can't install it on
my BSD-node yet (from ports).
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