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Re: The best way to run a hidden service: one or two computers?

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 17:34:05 -0400
hikki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Robert Ransom:
> > Also, if you haven't bothered to change your MAC address, an attacker
> > with any UID can read it using ifconfig; your hardware manufacturers
> > may have kept records of where the device(s) with that MAC address were
> > shipped.
> I have heard of these attacks, like an attacker reading off your MAC 
> address and even hardware serial numbers. I should be safe regarding 
> serial numbers, but I am some concerned about the MAC address.
> It would be very nice to know how to change the MAC address so it says 
> something different when you run the ifconfig utility. Could you, or anyone, 
> please help me with that? I'm using Linux.

Use the macchanger utility.  Make sure you write down your original MAC
first, in case you need to switch back to it later.

Robert Ransom

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