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Re: Mac Pidgin?

On Wed, 2010-09-29 at 07:46 +0000, M wrote:
> Hello agan,
> whats a good program for mac equivalent to XP pidgin? I'm looking for
> safe Tor configuration as well as encrypted chat. 

> Is Adium safe to use with TOR? Also, does the encryption in it only
> work when chatting to others using adium also, or will it work if they
> are using Pidgin?

Adium is a Cocoa UI for libpurple, which is the same library Pidgin
uses. It should (I haven't used it) work fine with SOCKS proxies,
assuming Pidgin's support for proxies is implemented in libpurple.

Adium also uses OTR for its encryption protocol, which is the same
protocol that pidgin-OTR uses. XChat, irssi, and a few other clients
also support OTR.

I don't think Adium will work with the pidgin-encryption plugin, which
just does plain RSA encryption. But OTR is better anyways.

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