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Re: [tor-talk] Dutch police break into webservers over hidden services

On 2011-09-01 15:24 , Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Several people have asked us on irc about recent news articles like
> http://wireupdate.com/wires/19812/dutch-police-infiltrate-hidden-child-porn-websites-in-the-u-s/

In addiotion I want to refer to the below article from the Dutch "Public
Ministry" (literal translation) or how Google Translate translates it as
'the prosecution' which is a bit off also I think, see and throw it
trough your favorite translator if you like:


It is in Dutch, but here are the Tor related portions and my translation
of it:

"In dit onderzoek wil de politie ook duidelijk maken dat anonimiteit
binnen het Tor-netwerk en ook landsgrenzen de opsporing van kinderporno
niet in de weg staan."

"With this investigation the police wants to make clear that anonimity
inside the Tor network and also country borders do not limit the
investigation into childporn".

And then the section at the end "Vrijheid van meningsuiting" which is
IMHO a good thing of them to publish in that way:

my free translation:
Freedom of expression

The police investigation that took the whole month of August, did not
target the Tor network itself, but targeted the 'hidden services' which
contained the childporn, which is run inside this underground part of
the Internet.

The Tor network makes users of the Internet anonymous by sending their
IP-address passing different servers. Originally Tor was a project of
the US Marines

The network consists mostly of private persons that make Tor work with
the use of their computers and internet connection. The use of Tor is
not criminal per definition. In countries without freedom of speech Tor
can for example be used by journalists and the opposition of a ruling

(the "IP-address" portion is a but odd, but for laymen pretty good ;)

It think it is actually quite nice of the OM to list that last portion
there as they effectively state that they in a mild way support the
existence of Tor and see it as a good thing for the prime purpose that
most people support Tor for: freedom of speech.

Childporn though should be completely eradicated from this world and the
folks who are responsible for it released to the people who are directly
hurt by it...

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