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[tor-talk] TBB + vanilla Firefox


I'm new to this list so please forgive any breaches of etiquette.

I've been using Firefox + Torbutton for a while, but decided to switch
to TBB so I could better keep Tor/non-Tor sessions separated. I
understand you've just switched to FF6 and there will be bugs to iron
out, but...

If I have a TBB session open, and I try to fire up a vanilla Firefox for
some non-anonymous purpose, it detects the remote session and I get a
new Aurora window instead. This seems rather unintuitive; at least, it's
not what I expected. And it seems dangerous. Yes, one can specify
-no-remote, but that's not the point.

Sadly I'm not familiar with the FF code or I'd do something about it
myself. So I thought I'd just draw attention to it instead.


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