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Re: [tor-talk] TBB 2.2.32 & Automatic Updates

* David Carlson <carlson.dl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011:09:07 06:06 -0700]: 
> Hi,
> Yesterday I downloaded tor-browser-2.2.32-3_en-US.exe and set it up on a USB
> stick.  When I try to start it, it gives a connection refused by peer message
> just after parsing the GEOP.  If I retry, it says Tor stopped
> unexpectedly. Vidalia hangs after giving the message Bootstrapped 100% done.
> I cannot get the advanced message log to give any debug entries.   If I close
> that browser bundle and use Task manager to make sure that Tor and Vidalia
> really are not running, then start tor-browser-2.2.31-1-alpha_en-US.exe which
> I downloaded on August 21, that version starts with no problem and continues
> to open Aurora.  I am using that instance to send this e-mail.
> I am using these on a Windows Vista laptop in a hotel that requires logging
> on to their Wi-Fi  for a time limited session with a web browser before they
> allow access to the internet.  I am using IE to log on and leaving it open as
> they requested.

Hi David,

Can you try this bundle? I made it for Windows to fix this problem -- the
automatic port selection in the new bundles is causing a lot of trouble, and
you can use this until we put out the new TBBs with the fix:


It just changes two configuration files (torrc and vidalia.conf) to disable the
automatic port selection. The official bundles will be coming out tomorrow.

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