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Re: [tor-talk] Dutch CA issues fake *.torproject.org cert (among many others)

On 07/09/11 21:42, Marsh Ray wrote:
> Do they have a gun? Otherwise, cover the screen with your hand or ask
> them to look away.
> Realistically, this is nowhere near the biggest threat these days. It's
> mostly a holdover from security guidance from shared computing labs and
> pre-internet days.
> Yes, be aware of your physical surroundings. No, don't think that it
> keeps you one bit safe online, unless you're that special case where
> your adversary is physically present.

There's no need to be patronising. I have plenty of security experience.
Shared environments are not a thing of the past, certainly not in the
UK, and a physically present adversary is a real threat for many people.
Not everyone can be told to look away (unless you like time in
hospital), and if you can use a drop-down with your screen covered then
I applaud you. And online-banking isn't aimed at experts, it's used by
"normal" people. It's so easy to mitigate this specific threat in
software that it is negligent not to do so.


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