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Re: [tor-talk] Mac?

On 2011-09-09 05:09 , cmeclax-sazri wrote:
> On Thursday 08 September 2011 22:02:56 Andre Risling wrote:
>> - Who stores the MAC address of the computer you're using?  The ISP?  An
>> Webmail service?
> On IPv4, a MAC address goes only as far as the local network (the MAC address 
> my router has on the WAN side goes to my ISP). On IPv6, if you run radvd, the 
> MAC address is incorporated into the IP address of all computers that get 
> their address from radvd.

(s/radvd/RA/ as radvd is just an implementation of an IPv6 Router
Advertisement Daemon, there are many many others ;)

Unless the host has IPv6 Privacy Extensions (RFC4941) enabled or the
network uses DHCPv6 (and the host uses that ;) where one is given an
effectively static address, or of course if the user itself configures
the address manually to something ;)

Note that RFC4941 is default on Mac OS X starting with Lion, it is
default on all Windows stacks and it can be enabled on Linux.

Mostly though it is just an annoyance and anybody wanting to do any kind
of tracking can just track the /64 or in most cases even the /48 as that
is the address space you will be staying in at that site.

And don't forget about having or not having cookies and of course that
little thing about your unique signature when you are connecting to
certain sites that the rest of the 16 year old don't connect too...

(Having a Tor bridge on port 443 of the Google/Facebook/<socialoftheday>
server farm would be quite awesome for that matter ;)

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