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Re: [tor-talk] Dutch Police Investigation & Tor Spike: Correlation Or Also Causation?

On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 08:20:39AM +0200, koot@xxxxxx wrote 1.8K bytes in 40 lines about:
: I know, mind the last part (see below) of my post, which was probably
: WAY too long. I'm wondering whether, in lack of a better explanation,
: the bridge spike might have been caused by undisclosed activities
: performed by Dutch police et al. Not looking for a yes/no answer, only
: proposing a possible lead to follow for finding an explanation.

The current rumors around this spike in bridge queries and usage is:

1. Someone created a package which queries for bridges and automatically
uses them. We've heard of amorphous packages tied to helping Chinese or
Iranians circumvent their firewalls which may or may not do this
automated query and usage of bridges. It seems no one can find an actual
binary though.

2. Vuze Tor usage has suddenly become more popular. This would be a bad

3. A botnet using tor.

4. Your hypothesis of the Dutch police causing the bridge queries and
subsequent spike in usage from Europe and Latin America.

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