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Re: [tor-talk] I've yet to understand <clock skew> attacks on hidden services

grarpamp wrote:
>> EVERYONE should be running NTP, of course, not the relatively few that do.
>> If you happen to still be on a windows machine, here is a FREE utility
> And if you prefer the open source NTP standard that everyone else uses...
> http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Main/ExternalTimeRelatedLinks
> And I'm quite certain that XP and newer have adequate native knobs,
> though likely only in ntpdate via cron fashion.

As far as I know (from memory -- no links), by default, Windows XP will
automatically contact a Microsoft time server (I don't know what
protocol) once a week.  The URL and update period can be adjusted.  XP
*might* also contact the time server immediately after boot-up.  I have
also seen, for reasons unknown, the time on a public computer running XP
drift further and further from the correct time.

One time I tried to look up under what circumstances the automatic time
setting on XP would ignore the time server.  Microsoft described what XP
*might* do rather than what it *would* do.  (sigh)



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