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Re: [tor-talk] Bitcoin client - Tor safe?

On 09/18/2011 08:00 PM, grarpamp wrote:
> Been playing with the current client...
> Can anyone second (via testing or code review) that its '-proxy'
> setting does indeed shuffle *all* its traffic through the proxy (Tor)?
> I've not seen stray packets yet.
> Also, according to the protocol spec, the source IP is
> send out as packet data. So I guess be careful what
> you have it bound to.
> I'm not sure if any other identifying data is sent out as
> data (hostname, filespace, etc).

I looked at the code a few months ago with a friend in Iceland. If I
remember correctly... If it fails to use the proxy it will silently stop
using the proxy without any UI changes. Thus, you think you're using Tor
but the Bitcoin software itself doesn't tell you that it actually just
directly connected.

I admit, I didn't spend too much time looking at that specific issue but
it seems worthwhile to look into that as a possible issue. A full audit
of Bitcoin for use with Tor seems like a reasonably good idea, I'm
certain that Gavin would appreciate it. I've cc'ed him, so perhaps if
I'm correct, he'll hear about this directly.

All the best,
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