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[tor-talk] Arm 1.4.4 Release

Hi all. A new release of arm (http://www.atagar.com/arm/) is now
available. Besides the normal batch of bug fixes and minor features
this includes an interactive interpretor for raw control port

This is intended to be a tool for developers, highly knowledgeable
operators, and anyone that would like to learn about Tor's control
protocol. It provides usability improvements like tab completion and
history scroll-back, along with IRC style interpretor commands...

* /help - provides usage information for all of the tor/interpretor
commands and tor's configuration options
* /info - queries relay information via fingerprint, nickname, or IP address
* /find - searches the backlog for the given regex
* /events - displays any events that we've listened for
* /write - dumps the interpretor backlog to a file

This can both be used via a new page in the curses interface and as a
standalone prompt by running "arm --prompt"...

Hopefully I'm not the only person that finds this to be useful! -Damian

PS. Jesse, Spider.007, and pyllyukko: Tor is now hosting a mirror of
the arm tarballs at...

This should, of course, be a little preferable for Gentoo, Arch Linux,
and Slackware since it provides SSL using their cert. Thanks again for
maintaining arm on those platforms!
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