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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor fixes two bugs that make it possible to enumerate
bridge relays; fixes an assertion error that many users started hitting
today; and adds the ability to refill token buckets more often than
once per second, allowing significant performance improvements.


Packages will be out in a few days.

Changes in version - 2011-09-28
  o Security fixes:
    - Bridge relays now do their directory fetches inside Tor TLS
      connections, like all the other clients do, rather than connecting
      directly to the DirPort like public relays do. Removes another
      avenue for enumerating bridges. Fixes bug 4115; bugfix on
    - Bridges relays now build circuits for themselves in a more similar
      way to how clients build them. Removes another avenue for
      enumerating bridges. Fixes bug 4124; bugfix on,
      when bridges were introduced.

  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix an "Assertion md->held_by_node == 1 failed" error that could
      occur when the same microdescriptor was referenced by two node_t
      objects at once. Fix for bug 4118; bugfix on Tor

  o Major features (networking):
    - Add a new TokenBucketRefillInterval option to refill token buckets
      more frequently than once per second. This should improve network
      performance, alleviate queueing problems, and make traffic less
      bursty. Implements proposal 183; closes ticket 3630. Design by
      Florian Tschorsch and Björn Scheuermann; implementation by
      Florian Tschorsch.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Change an integer overflow check in the OpenBSD_Malloc code so
      that GCC is less likely to eliminate it as impossible. Patch
      from Mansour Moufid. Fixes bug 4059.

  o Minor bugfixes (usability):
    - Downgrade log messages about circuit timeout calibration from
      "notice" to "info": they don't require or suggest any human
      intervention. Patch from Tom Lowenthal. Fixes bug 4063;
      bugfix on

  o Minor features (diagnostics):
    - When the system call to create a listener socket fails, log the
      error message explaining why. This may help diagnose bug 4027.

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