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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor is the fourth release candidate for the Tor 0.2.3.x
series. It fixes a trio of potential security bugs, fixes a bug where
we were leaving some of the fast relays out of the microdescriptor
consensus, resumes interpreting "ORPort 0" and "DirPort 0" correctly,
and cleans up other smaller issues.


(Packages coming eventually.)

Changes in version - 2012-09-05
  o Major bugfixes (security):
    - Tear down the circuit if we get an unexpected SENDME cell. Clients
      could use this trick to make their circuits receive cells faster
      than our flow control would have allowed, or to gum up the network,
      or possibly to do targeted memory denial-of-service attacks on
      entry nodes. Fixes bug 6252. Bugfix on the 54th commit on Tor --
      from July 2002, before the release of Tor 0.0.0. We had committed
      this patch previously, but we had to revert it because of bug 6271.
      Now that 6271 is fixed, this patch appears to work.
    - Reject any attempt to extend to an internal address. Without
      this fix, a router could be used to probe addresses on an internal
      network to see whether they were accepting connections. Fixes bug
      6710; bugfix on 0.0.8pre1.
    - Do not crash when comparing an address with port value 0 to an
      address policy. This bug could have been used to cause a remote
      assertion failure by or against directory authorities, or to
      allow some applications to crash clients. Fixes bug 6690; bugfix

  o Major bugfixes:
    - Remove the upper bound on microdescriptor length. We were hitting
      the limit for routers with complex exit policies or family
      declarations, causing clients to not use them. Fixes the first
      piece of bug 6404; fix on
    - Detect "ORPort 0" as meaning, uniformly, that we're not running
      as a relay. Previously, some of our code would treat the presence
      of any ORPort line as meaning that we should act like a relay,
      even though our new listener code would correctly not open any
      ORPorts for ORPort 0. Similar bugs in other Port options are also
      fixed. Fixes the first half of bug 6507; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Avoid a pair of double-free and use-after-mark bugs that can
      occur with certain timings in canceled and re-received DNS
      requests. Fixes bug 6472; bugfix on 0.0.7rc1.
    - Fix build and 64-bit compile warnings from --enable-openbsd-malloc.
      Fixes bug 6379. Bugfix on
    - Allow one-hop directory fetching circuits the full "circuit build
      timeout" period, rather than just half of it, before failing them
      and marking the relay down. This fix should help reduce cases where
      clients declare relays (or worse, bridges) unreachable because
      the TLS handshake takes a few seconds to complete. Fixes bug 6743;
      bugfix on, where we changed the timeout from a static
      30 seconds.
    - Authorities no longer include any router in their microdescriptor
      consensuses for which they couldn't generate or agree on a
      microdescriptor. Fixes the second piece of bug 6404; fix on
    - Detect and reject attempts to specify both "FooPort" and
      "FooPort 0" in the same configuration domain. (It's still okay
      to have a FooPort in your configuration file, and use "FooPort 0"
      on the command line to disable it.) Fixes the second half of bug
      6507; bugfix on
    - Make wildcarded addresses (that is, ones beginning with "*.") work
      when provided via the controller's MapAddress command. Previously,
      they were accepted, but we never actually noticed that they were
      wildcards. Fixes bug 6244; bugfix on
    - Avoid crashing on a malformed state file where EntryGuardPathBias
      precedes EntryGuard. Fixes bug 6774; bugfix on
    - Add a (probably redundant) memory clear between iterations of
      the router status voting loop, to prevent future coding errors
      where data might leak between iterations of the loop. Resolves
      ticket 6514.

  o Minor bugfixes (log messages):
    - Downgrade "set buildtimeout to low value" messages to "info"
      severity; they were never an actual problem, there was never
      anything reasonable to do about them, and they tended to spam logs
      from time to time. Fixes bug 6251; bugfix on
    - Downgrade path-bias warning messages to "info". We'll try to get
      them working better in 0.2.4. Add internal circuit construction
      state to protect against the noisy warn message "Unexpectedly high
      circuit_successes". Also add some additional rate-limited notice
      messages to help determine the root cause of the warn. Fixes bug
      6475. Bugfix against
    - Move log message when unable to find a microdesc in a routerstatus
      entry to parse time. Previously we'd spam this warning every time
      we tried to figure out which microdescriptors to download. Fixes
      the third piece of bug 6404; fix on

  o Minor features:
    - Consider new, removed or changed IPv6 OR ports a non-cosmetic
      change when the authority is deciding whether to accept a newly
      uploaded descriptor. Implements ticket 6423.
    - Add missing documentation for consensus and microdesc files.
      Resolves ticket 6732.

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