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Re: [tor-talk] Distribution of Linux static tor binary?

> On Mon, Sep 10, 2012, at 00:21, Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) wrote:
>> It would facilitate the inclusion of Tor in third party applications
>> that include/bundle/redistribute Tor, regardless of the Linux
>> Distribution.
> Sounds like a potential risk, the third party intervention. See the
> discussion about the other TorBrowser.

I don't share your security concern. Using any third party application
is always a security risk. If they include a software library or binary
doesn't change much from that view. A software library might even add

There are other application developers who want to integrate Tor into
their applications, for example BitCoin, OperaTor, torchat,
pidgin-torchat, jtorchat and other third party browser bundles combined
with Tor...

On the other hand people are clearly interested in such applications.

The third party developers will integrate Tor into their bundles so or
so. There is clearly a demand for a software library.

Rather than including the Tor binary it would be better if they include
a clean software library.

- It can tell the operating system and/or third party application, that
it's outdated and requires updating
- Provide global and/or per application Tor settings.
- Kindly ask application developers to add the Tor info window, which
briefly explain what Tor is, official Tor homepage, ask how people can
and should help.
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