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Re: [tor-talk] hidden services and stream isolation (file transfer over Tor HS speedup?)

> I think you aren't considering how much cpu load is added by
> opening a new circuit ...
> This latency you will experience is exactly the sort of thing
> that will get worse if people start overloading the network with
> extra circuits.

As with the current count of onions, it's not intentional harm,
just people wanting to do things. Bitcoin is bringing a big growth
in onion sites (litle impact itself). But the new bitcoin version
can interop with clearnet and onions natively. If I remember from
my last test, bitcoin rotates its traffic through a sizable address
pool. Multiply that by the userbase and it could be similar to

There might be utility in allowing different circuit expiry parameter
settings for different socksports... perhaps keeping a large state
table for some would reduce load.

Related at a distance is that I think the Phantom project mentioned
they will not hesitate to use disk to support the network protocol.

> While I'm at it, there *are* several steps that would lead to
> significantly improving hidden service performance:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/1944
> plus the various performance and security fixes in the 'Tor hidden
> service' category.

I want to get around to make some nice HS metrics along that ticket,
but I don't want to give early hopes.

> I know it can be tempting to treat the Tor design and code as a
> black box and try to hack around it, but I think in this case the
> clear right thing to do is to make the code not suck so much.

Yes this is nicer.
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