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Re: [tor-talk] Botnet command server hidden in Tor

On 2012-09-14, at 6:58 PM, grarpamp wrote:

>> (can hardly be the first, can it?)
> We've all had conversations over the past five plus
> years about how Tor would be useful for botnets.
> I'm amazed it hasn't really shown up at all. Maybe
> the lack of speed and larger footprint hurts more
> than being taken offline does.

It might be better for the botnet operator to keep playing cat and mouse
perpetually than have the botnet taken down for good after a single good
run. Reminds me of Mudge's talk:


With regards to the Tor network in general, what is "the game"? If some
censor naively blocks Tor, people flock to bridge nodes, which are much
harder to block. If Ethiopia can block Tor, then perhaps others like
Iran also know how -- but don't? Who knows...

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