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Re: [tor-talk] Italy - third highest number users

Il 20/09/2012 11:05, vecna [ml] ha scritto:
> I'm not sure the Tor usage in Italy would be reduced as a censorship
> bypassing technology.

As a resident in Italy, my guess is that Tor is used here mainly as a
circumvention tool.

> you start to found free press in the underground station talking
> about Tor. and this is happen, it's not an hypothesis :) (just for
> Italians: Milano-X, free press, had dedicated a central page to Tor and
> panopclick, Nova of Sole24Ore talk about Tor every time a journalist need
> to drop a Tip about safety). 

Several Italian activists (including those who are on this thread) have
adocated Tor among journalists for a long time - this is the result of
their work plus the effect of the projects maturity: TBB is a neat piece
of software that anybody can install, use and understand, the Tor
network is way fastwer and more reliable than it was years ago.

> and if we can be happy about this Tor spreading, we know also that is not
> the correct path. It's a security tip applied to various and uncertain
> threat model. Tor its an easy answer, because is _the most usable tool_ for
> "privacy and security enforcing" that should be suggested to an user.

Well, "adoption" has been a key priority in the Tor project and is what
has made it what it is today. I'm not that pessimist about the future.

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