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[tor-talk] introducing ahmia search


We are working on Tor related projects including running Tor exit nodes and the first public Tor hidden service search engine (http://ahmia.fi/).

We would love to hear opinions and ideas about ahmia.fi search. There are now few enthusiastic geeks using their own money and free time to this project and everyone is welcome to join.

Our goals are:
- consciousness raising: public work and news
- raise the accessibility of Tor by public access to the content
- share information about the Tor Project
- help people to find hidden services' content
- help people to rate and comment the content
- help the hidden service operators to provide official descriptions used in search (http://ahmia.fi/descriptionProposal.php)

To do this, we would like to provide a nice search engine service with some social aspects (commenting/rating), publish news and challenge people and organisations to donate their bandwidth by running nodes. Also, we will provide public APIs and hidden service data for developers.

We are already providing public cache and simple search engine to Tor hidden services: http://ahmia.fi

Furthermore, we are running two very fast exit nodes (ahmiaTORProxy01) and (ahmiaTORProxy02).

We are planning some possible next steps:
1) Full text search according to the cache
2) Better support to comments and ratings
3) Authenticated hidden service descriptions provided by the hidden service operator themselves

You can find us on IRC, in the channel #ahmia in the OFTC network. We would be happy to hear any and all suggestions or ideas from you!

We are looking forward to hearing you!

-ahmia, ahmia(at)tormail.org.remove.this-
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