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Re: [tor-talk] TBB advantages in VM

Fabian Keil:
> adrelanos <adrelanos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Abel Luck:
>>> Given the following conditions:
>>> 1) Firefox (15.0 lets say) is running in an isolated VM, and only
>>> Firefox is running (i.e., no other user apps)
>> Bad. You'd be one of the very few people not using TBB. There are much
>> more TBB users than Mozilla Firefox + Tor users.
> How do you know?

- it's the default download on torproject.org for a long time
- setting up Tor manually + Firefox is much more complicated
- using Tor Button with Firefox shows you a warning
- cross read some forums sometimes and read what they are talking about
- do some it support in real life and get a feeling for the abilities of
skills and questions from users who do not even bother to ask their
questions in forums

Asking torproject.org for download statistics could help.

But generally you are right.

There could be immensely huge group of people I know nothing about. Geek
enough to use some distribution of GNU/Linux, so torproject.org can not
make a download statistic for them. While being geek enough to use
GNU/Linux, they are ignorant enough not to know that Mozilla Firefox +
Tor is actively discouraged.

I am not aware of any published tests of any exit node admin analyzing
the unencrypted traffic, questionings or other academic research on that

If you are waiting for a real proof or academic research for every
question, you can get done nothing.

I hope I stand corrected if I am wrong.

On the other hand Mozilla Firefox + Tor users are not important. They
have such a unique fingerprint, that it makes little sense they are
using Tor at all. [1] In this case it does not matter if I am right or
wrong. The best thing you can do, is joining the latest and most
uniformed fingerprint, which most people share, and that is, Tor Browser.

[1] https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/torbutton-faq.html.en#oldtorbutton
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