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[tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.13 released - New translations desired


TorBirdy 0.0.13 is now out; we think it is the the best release so far
and we encourage you to upgrade.

This release is quick to follow version 0.0.12 to fix a known problem in
for German speaking users. We believe this release will increase
stability for German speaking users.

It's still quite experimental - of course. Use at your own risk and
especially if you're using it with Enigmail and GnuPG without a local[0]
HTTP proxy.

We've continued with updating the web page to show some TorBirdy screen


Call for help:

We're looking for assistance with Translations - if you'd like to
translate TorBirdy, we'd gladly accept a patch that prepares TorBirdy
for translation work. We now have German, English, Punjabi, Hebrew,
Spanish and French! Even if you can't help translate, we'd love to know
what languages matter to you or your friends - please let us know?

We're especially looking for translations of TorBirdy into Arabic,
Persian, Mandarin and Japanese - if you'd like to help us translate,
please contact us!

Release Highlights:

0.0.13, 28 Sept 2012
  Translation updates:
    Add Hebrew translation (thanks to Sharon Dvir)
    Add French translation (thanks to N3b)
    Update German translation (thanks to Karsten N)
    Add Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Garofalo)
  Code cleanup: prefixed generically-named IDs with TorBirdy namespace

The release from a few days ago has other important changes that are
also relevant to other users:

0.0.12, 27 Sept 2012
  TorBirdy now has localization support
    Current languages: English, German (translated by Karsten N.),
  TorBirdy code cleanup: fix global namespace pollution
  Do not select the last selected account to prevent automatic login
    (TorBirdy selects 'Local Folders' on startup to prevent this)
  Restore proxy settings at TorBirdy uninstall
    (settings prior to installation of TorBirdy)
  TorBirdy now allows HTTP/SSL connections
  Users may opt-out from `--throw-keyids'
  Enhanced TorBirdy JonDo support (thanks to Karsten N.)
  Fix a bug in 0.0.11 that prevented account preferences from being set
  Add Screenshots directory
  TorBirdy no longer requires a configured HTTP proxy for full use with
  TorBirdy now enforces the safest HTTP proxy usage possible with GnuPG
    TorBirdy attempts to disable all name resolution in GnuPG due to a
    serious SOCKS5 problem with GnuPG proxy options in how we invoke
    GnuPG; GnuPG only supports SOCKS5 when it is linked against libcurl
    (>7.21.7) and hostnames are not used. This is outlined the
    following bug:

General content anonymity caution note:

TorBirdy has known leaks in the Message-ID and in the Date header, we're
working on merging an upstream patch that will allow these leaks to be
closed. There are no known proxy leaks unless you use additional
extensions that do not respect the proxy settings of Thunderbird. If you
use GnuPG and Enigmail, we encourage you to use it with a local HTTP
proxy due to the issues mentioned[0] regarding GnuPG.

Here's the wiki page for TorBirdy:


Here's the latest XPI for TorBirdy:


Here is a proper GPG signature for the latest XPI:


Here is the sha1sum of torbirdy-0.0.13.xpi:


The GnuPG signature that signed this email is also the same key that
signs the TorBirdy releases. To learn more about signature verification
of Tor Project related software such as TorBirdy please visit this page:


The plugin on AMO has been preliminarily reviewed and we are still in
the review process. It is again possible (Hooray!) to install TorBirdy
directly from Thunderbird or by downloading the extension in a web
browser from Mozilla's website:


We believe that users who installed previous versions from Mozilla's
addons site should receive this update automatically. It may take some
time before Mozilla approves this update but it should eventually show
up as an available update.

We now upload a full XPI and GnuPG signature for every new release to
the Tor Project's web servers:


All the best,

[0] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/2846

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