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Re: [tor-talk] How to test leaks on OSX?

Firewall log should show various outbound & inbound attempts that
are related to local network interface(s), and when various software
are (trying to go or) going through it (LAN/WiFi interface).

And, also try "Wireshark".  Which can show, for example : if there
is any DNS leaks, when you use Enigmail GPG [en|de]cryption or
GPG-key retrieve, etc via Thunderbird (which is configured to go
through Tor proxy).



-- Bright Star.

Received from Jerzy Åogiewa, on 2013-08-29 2:00 AM:
> Hello!
> I am on a Mac and now using the tor as a global (system) proxy for connections! I like to test this for leaks. How to do it on the Mac?
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> Jerzy Åogiewa -- jerzyma@xxxxxxxxxx

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