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Re: [tor-talk] WP: The feds pay for 60 percent of Tor's development. Can users trust it?

On 13-09-07 01:20 PM, Asa Rossoff wrote:
> Trust is involved.  Speaking of which, do we have bios of all Tor
> contributors, esp. those that authorize code changes and those that compile
> code?  Do we have public ongoing accounting of who gets paid how much and
> for what?

Why would we need personal details of contributors?  I agree with
transparency in funding and payments in any donation-based organization.
 In the open source world, however, developers build up reputations
based on their code and writing, not their real life background (which
can be interesting as to motivation but is a poor indicator of code
integrity and quality).

What if the intrepid Mr.Snowden wanted to work on Tor stuff? There's a
good case for anonymous payments for gpg-signed contributions.

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