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Re: [tor-talk] Indirect Tor question

>We are not concerned about the price but rather we are concerned about
>our freedoms to share change etc the source code to suit our needs.
>Furthmore some of us are very paranoid. Also why can't u make a open
>source bios? What are u hiding from us? Your NSA backdoor!

That's a bit disingenuous to my mind.

There may be people who are concerned with their freedoms that have a
relationship with [FSF defined] Free Software, but the majority are
happy enough to get software without cost (and even consider it without
cost if an OS comes with the hardware), if my own experience is
anything to go by.

We have a community of users of [FSF] Free Software and I would like
to say only that it is at this time when the western world's economic
system is in meltdown that the community is concerned with price.  From
my experience, this is not only the case, and are not that interested in
creating hardware that work with Free Software; in fact, from my
observations that community is pretty well inactive in the area of new
advances for free software.

From my experience, they use Free Software because it is, well, free
without putting anything back for the rest of the community.  Of late,
there have been serious issues of privacy and the State which the vast
majority of Free Software users has not been actively involved, and not
been raising issues about freedoms and rights.

If the large mass of users had been involved, we could have achieved
far, far more than we have both in the US and UK and other countries.
The question is: how do we organise to make ourselves more effective
and hasn't really been answered up to now?

++ Graham Todd
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