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[tor-talk] Tor Relays (not just exit nodes) blocked on Healthcare.gov?

I've been running a Tor Relay (not an exit node) from my home for quite
a while now, and up to this point have not encountered any issues
accessing any sites.  However, today I attempted to access
https://www.healthcare.gov, and received a HTTP 403 response and a
pretty standard 403 message.  To test my hypothesis, I also tried
accessing the site via the Tor network -- and received the same
message.  In the meanwhile, a friend who does not operate a Tor relay
was able to access the site.  Could anyone else with a public relay
confirm this issue -- and if confirmed, would someone from the Tor
Project be kind enough to contact the appropriate parties and explain
why blocking Tor relays is a silly thing?  I'd do it myself... but alas,
I cannot reach the site to see who the appropriate parties would be :) 
Thank you.
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