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[tor-talk] Tor mini-hackathon at GNU 30th Anniversary Celebration on 28-29 Sep

Hi, all!

Tor will be one of several fine software projects featured in the
featured in the GNU 30th Anniversary Celebration and Hackathon next
weekend at MIT. If you like to program, and you're interested in
helping with Tor, sign up on the webpage
(https://gnu.org/gnu30/celebration) and come on by!

I'll be there myself, hoping to spend my time coding and getting
people excited about hacking on Tor. Other Tor people in the greater
Boston area may come by as well-I hope we can get at least two or
three.  I don't currently expect to have all of our sub-projects
represented, but we'll try to put you in contact with the right people
if you want to hack on something else.

I'll try to have a list of fun suggested projects for people to work
on ahead of the event, ideally on a wiki somewhere.

Nick Mathewson
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