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[tor-talk] A note about the Stack Exchange private beta

Hi everyone,

Last week, the proposed Tor page on Stack Exchange [1] reached 100%
commitment. Committed users will soon be invited to the private beta.
I wanted to clarify a few things regarding this "private beta" (big
thanks to the Stack Exchange team for replying to my email so

1. The private beta stage typically lasts for one week. The Stack
Exchange team may decide to extend the period to two weeks depending
on how it goes. The purpose behind it is to ensure that users who
committed to the site's proposal have a chance to start asking and
answering questions, as well as help with the initial community
building activities that will define and shape the site.

2. The more experts who participate in the private beta, the more
certain it is that our page will move on to the next stage (i.e. the
public beta). To get in on the private beta, visit the proposal page
[1] and click the "Commit!"-button. Those who commit to the proposal
now can invite others to join the beta later.

[1]: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/56447/tor-online-anonymity-privacy-and-security

Runa A. Sandvik
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