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Re: [tor-talk] development interests

You are aware of the concept of "drive by" exploits, I hope? You can simply browse the web on an insecure system and with no obvious interaction, you can be infected with malware and owned. Welcome to the botnet. In a lot of circumstances, if your system isn't secure, you can't do much to stop this.  


Al Billings

On Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 10:05 AM, David Green wrote:

> You're insecure if you drive without a seat-belt, or cross the road, or
> fly, etc, but the vast majority of people who do not, are safe and fine. As
> long as you are aware, one should be safe, or, if required, be able to
> repair any active fault/hole. You do not want to start getting wagged by
> the 'tail'! ;)

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