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[tor-talk] Startpage, Ixquick not accessible

Has anyone else had problems accessing startpage, Ixquick & DuckDuckGo search engines w/ TBB recently?

For several days & several restarts of Windows TBB 2.3.25-12, their pages time out almost immediately on accessing them.

Restarted TBB, changed identities & closed current relays several times w/ same result. I CAN still access google, Bing, Yahoo (sometimes) & any other searches like Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. The ones still accessible load quickly.

I have NO trouble accessing Startpage / Ixquick or DDG via regular Fx 23, which leads to believe the problem is tied to Tor relay addresses.

Haven't been on Tor-Talk for quite a while, so sorry if this has been discussed.
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