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[tor-talk] panopticlick data

Info given on panopticlick.eff.org is a bit confusing in that some of it seems incorrect. If that makes a browser "more common," I guess it's a good thing. But some of the info it shows as incorrect is very "uncommon." That doesn't mean someone trying to finger print a browser would get the same info that Panopticlick shows - or does it?

It showed an incorrect screen size and "color depth." Claiming in 1 in 430370 browsers (systems?) have that specific characteristic - fairly uncommon. Except monitor info is incorrect. All that resulted in a claim that "only *one in 1,721,479 browsers have the same fingerprint*."

I don't know where / how it gets the screen size, but mine definitely isn't 947 wide. It's actually a very common size.

I assume the color depth is bit value. Panopticlick shows 24 (bit?), but there's not even a CHOICE of 24 bit in my display settings, for my monitor / graphics card combination. Maybe I misunderstand how Panopticlick arrives at that value.

It surprised me that it estimated 1 in 76 browsers had the USERAGENT data given by TBB, of Windows 7 w/ Fx 17. Other than possibly mostly TBB users going to Panopticlick (skewing the data) to check browser uniqueness, I doubt 1 in every 76 users in the U.S. or world wide, truly have Fx 17 in Windows 7. Maybe I'm wrong.

I just wondered if others have checked their regular Firefox & TBB uniqueness on eff's site, to see if the data shown seems accurate for their system?
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