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Re: [tor-talk] hardware recommendations

Dear all,

The GNU people would like to make some hardware and software
recommendations to circumvent the FCC Hardware Lock-down which
potentially threatens Open Wireless Communities especially.
Help us completing this table of Libre hardware boards!


Those you care for privacy can help too.
Libre Hardware Yeah!:)

"There are many fights more important than the fight over how the
internet is
regulated. Equity in race, gender, sexual preference; the widening
wealth gap;
the climate crisis – each one far more important than the fight over the
for the net.
Except for one thing: the internet is how every one of these fights will
be won
or lost. Without a free, fair and open internet, proponents of urgent
for justice will be outmaneuvered and outpaced by their political opponents,
by the power-brokers and reactionaries of the status quo.
The internet isn’t the most important fight we have; but it’s the most
Cory Doctorow

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