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Re: [tor-talk] OnionCloner

On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 11:23 PM, Virgil Griffith <i@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> At tor2web we've found a number of popular .onion sites coming up as
> infinite redirects.

> tor2web is collateral damage.

Illogical. What sites? Redirects to what?
A true infinite redirect by and to the canonical host onion
itself is by definition not a popular site.
Block whatever it is [as useless] if it's crashing you.

> the Onion Cloner script

Then that particular cloner, of which there are many,
shows their retard level by not handling that case.

> (1) what are the current techniques for detecting Onion Cloner?

Latency is the only foolproof one.

> (2) is there a plan on the horizon for dealing with Onion Clones?

The problem does not reside in Tor and cannot be solved by Tor.

But you can use your bookmarks / TLS, trust whatever
entities / communities you believe, add unique naming
layers, detectors, and whatever else you want on top.
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