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Re: [tor-talk] TWN Submission

Luke Millanta:
> Hello,
> Karsten asked me to send a quick introduction about my new web service,
> OnionView.com, with the intention of it being added to the next issue, or a
> future issue, of TWN.
> I was thinking it could sound something like this? I have lifted the
> general layout from previous TWN articles relating to the launching of
> services:
> *This week we saw the launch of OnionView, a web service which utilizes Tor
> relay data, gathered using the Onionoo
> <https://onionoo.torproject.org/> network status protocol, to plot the
> location of active Tor nodes onto an interactive map of the world. Created
> by Luke Millanta **with feedback from a number of community members,
> including Karsten Loesing**, OnionView's relay database is updated every 30
> minutes to help ensure map accuracy. Join us in the #tor-dev IRC channel to
> become involved in future OnionView developments.*

Thanks Luke - I will put your text into the coming issue.
Congratulations on the launch!

> Cheers,
> Luke Millanta
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