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[tor-talk] Repbin release v0.0.2

We're happy to announce the release v0.0.2 of Repbin:
The replicated, encrypted, distributed and anonymized pastebin.

Changes include: Better terminal usability, sqlite/mysql backend,

Check here for release source code and client binaries:

About Repbin:
Repbin is an encrypted pastebin for the command line that runs over Tor!
Repbin servers form a distributed network where nodes sync posts with
each other (like in Usenet or BBS/Fido systems). This makes Repbin
resilient and scalable. Repbin focuses on privacy (encrypted messages)
and anonymity (padding and repost chains). To limit spam and
denial-of-service attacks, Repbin uses the Hashcash proof-of-work
algorithm which is widely known from Bitcoin mining.

Learn more about Repbin here:

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