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Re: [tor-talk] First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email (propublica)

Hi All,

Anyone directly involved with this Library project let me know if
there's anything I can do in support, attend public (or private)
meeting with trustees or send a more personal email than some web
click through. Contact me directly at the above address

I don't speak for my employer, but I'm Sr. Technical Architect at MIT
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and have been running
a fast exit for most of the past 10 years and receive all the
complaints (legal and other wise) for the network the system sits on.

There haven't been many. Other than dmca and port scans I can actually
only think of one cas ein which LEO asked for info on the system.  Of
course I didn't have it, but that's also true of cracked systems used
for bad things by the time anyone notices and asks us to 'preserve
evidence' any trace of the issue they're looking for has rotated out
of logs and that's if the attacker was sloppy and left any logs...

About a year ago someone sent a call for exit node operations (which I
noted we'd been doing for a long time) to an internal list here which
is know fo revery discussion spinning into a bizzare flame war. In
this case there was almost uniquely no opposition, someone as devils
advocate did bring up the double edged sword argument but no one at
all took it up, though there was positive feed back about tor and our
running an exit node.

Anyway I think I have some interesting things to say & possibly a
fancy enough title for 'trustee' types to at least listen to rather
than dismiss before I start talking.


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