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Re: [tor-talk] Library installs Tor exit node; pulls plug after pressure from DHS

On 2015-09-11 07:19 PM, grarpamp wrote:
A lot of support should be lent right now to the city managers, library board, and the community. You don't want the first one to be publicly quashed by
a bunch of shameful LEA fearmongering.
Show up the board meeting, you can bet they will.

Someone should also see about notifying these folks,
you might end up with an entire state full of relays...

- Free State Participant Here (not in NH yet though) -

I actually was wondering if it wasn't FSP participants who were working on the relays in the first place... though that said on a prior brief attempt to identify the main participants in the library project I could find no obvious connections. However that doesn't surprise me. I've also not identified any participation by other individuals in the FSP despite seeming like highly likely participants (for instance Ross Ulbricht of Silk Road fame holds many views held by said participants and his mother has even talked at multiple FSP events post arrest).

Unfortunately I haven't gotten very far with another campaign regarding the FCC's efforts to force manufacturers to lock down devices on Free Talk Live (which does promote the Free State Project and is run out of Keene, NH). I called in briefly as the show generally doesn't do interviews / talks and like many other shows. Rather they let anybody call in about anything (ie the name Free Talk Live). That said I'd still encourage people to call into Free Talk Live. Multiple people coordinating it would be a smart move and I'd be happy to participate in such a campaign to 'target FTL' (they wouldn't object).

The site and call in # can be found at https://www.freetalklive.com/ and the show airs daily on the east coast from 7PM-10PM 7 days a week.

There are other FSP media outlets (ie libtery-minded outlets heavily involved in the FSP). The Free Talk Live show seems to be the most outstanding from FSP events I've attended (ie they show up to Porcfest in the summer, which is an FSP summer camping event, and Liberty Forum, another winter event, traditional conference style).


* Also just noticed in on the site that there is a link to an article on the issue already.

Another show is Freedom Phoenix. I've had a lot of luck here, but I believe it is out in Arizona (ie phoenix). Not sure who in the NH region if anybody listens to it, but I know they've covered Porcfest before. I've been on the show twice and will be on for a third time this coming week (Tuesday September 15th) to talk about the FCC's efforts to ban free software (practical result/outcome of rule changes, not specific objective necessarily).


You might also try:









You might check out 411 Activist TXT Msg Distribution Service which sends out a message to all activists cell phones in the area:


Keene is about an hour away...

There is also Free Grafton 40 minutes away (http://www.freetownproject.com/new_hampshire_town.html)

There is also Free Concord an hour 20 minutes away (http://freeconcord.org/)

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