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[tor-talk] WAF on TOR exit node

Hi All,

Recently I had lot of problems with my ISP/VPS provider because my TOR
exit node. I was thinking about setting up some basic WAF so tor exit
node wont be marked by honeypots as hacker/badIP.
Personally I don't care about IP but I'm not the one who will be living
with that IP whole life. I got contract for that IP just for one year.
So I understand why is ISP so emotional about it.

My question is: What tor community thinks about setting up Web
Application Firewall on tor exit node, and rejecting (therefore
tampering with) some traffic.

The second option for me is disable whole http/https but that's
something I really don't want to do because I belive that most of
legitimate traffic is from there.

Kind regards,
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