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[tor-talk] Torrents real-time and dynamic blocklist

Is now available on http://peersm.com/getblocklist.

This might be of some interest for some people operating some exit nodes
and receiving notices because some others unwisely use the Tor network
for torrenting, the blocklist oscillates between 10/20K IPs please see
at the end of the presentation below.

There is an annual fee to access the blocklist in order to finance this
work, make it evolve and finance our other privacy oriented projects.

But people can also create their own blocklist free of charge using the
findspiesonly option of torrent-live, as explained in "Why do we need
you to get the dynamic blocklist?" section of the FAQs


"The blocklist comes from the study we made since one year "Monitoring
and blocking the bittorrent monitoring spies" (abstract and summary
here: https://gist.github.com/Ayms/077b114a27450f773939), this does not
apply to copyright matters only but all kind of monitoring.

Global explainations are available in the FAQs:
http://torrent-live.org/?links and more technical details how it works

The common belief is that blocklists do not work, which is true in
general, this dynamic blocklist works, it has been tested since a few
months with some people used to get DMCA notices at least once a month,
so far they did not get any longer DMCA notices.

It can not insure 100% that you will not encounter a spy but it does
decrease quite a lot this risk, personnally we think it's enough to make
sure that the spies will not detect you, but cannot prove it firmly for
now, only empiric use will tell it.

The only case that the blocklist can not defeat is the one of a spy
behaving normally or quasi normally in a swarm, as shown in some
research papers, this is possible but unlikely, unless you are not a
"normal" person and some people are really targeting you or you are
seeking for very sensitive information monitored by some authorities.

The dynamic blocklist oscillates between 10 and 20 K IPs, which is not a
lot, filtering the spies to reduce this number is just a matter of
processing capabilities, that we will increase if we get some fundings,
we think that the dangerous spies are no more than a few hundreds and
certainly less
than 3000."
Get the torrent dynamic blocklist: http://peersm.com/getblocklist
Check the 10 M passwords list: http://peersm.com/findmyass
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