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[tor-talk] Need someone to provide me with info on TOR

I just stumbled upon the internet security that can be had with this program. Before downloading and using it I would like some comments on users as to whether or not it slows down significantly your sending or receiving of emails.........or of your web surfing. I use a Windows based system (7Pro) and simply need some user provided info about the product. Like anyone that thinks halfway logically I am very concerned about my internet privacy and if this product can really deliver I would sure like to hear from actual users about it.Please respond but only if you have actual and regular experience in using the program and both a pre and post use of the program experience.After say September 20th, because of the possible volume of emails I might receive, please cease sending any answers about the program. By then I am sure I will have heard from plenty of people regarding the program and its positives and any possible negatives.Thank you so much and I do hope to hear from responsible u
 sers soon but please not after September 20.Thanks again for your time and assistance. 		 	   		  
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