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[tor-talk] Server / Browser html PGP Encryption


I've been trying to think of ideas that would aid the Tor world and a
random idea occurred.

Once a user has joined an Onion web server, they download the servers PGP
Public Key, and upload their own PGP Public Key.
All HTML commication, .jpg images, etc are then encoded by the server using
the user's Public Key.

The user has their private key attached the to Tor Browser, (The browser
could generate a random PGP key set for each Onion site), which then
decrypts the incoming communication back into HTML etc to be displayed in
the browser.

All new page requests, sent by the user, are likewise encrypted using the
Onion sites Public Key, and decrypted by the server.

This would require altering the Tor Broswer, and web-hosting software, but
would essentially allow SSL encryption for the Tor network.


Darren Allen
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