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[tor-talk] Anonimity of TOR & Replacements or TOR Enhancements

TOR is a great tool as I use regularly to the fullest but the low latency in TOR hidden services is a problem that is encountered sometimes that is hard to resolve as anonymity & security & speed are hard to balance in that scenario.  This means that such as downloads, media rich content or VoIP services can be difficult at best & is a major hurdle that needs researched and further developed to possibly increase appeal & usage or adoption of hidden services or network such as TOR. The more people use services like TOR the more anonymous it becomes but as global adversaries & governments have developed ways to counter and de-anonymize it TOR has become less resilient to traffic analysis & malicious relays or services that aim to reveal users of such networks. It is imperative therefore that future development & research and protections of future versions of TOR & other hidden networks create protections against traffic analysis attacks that make traffic indistinguishable from other traffic making metadata analysis hard & also traffic inspection hard also & also future protocols and developments also need to adopt larger bandwidths to cater for a more rich and vibrant content that can handle future media & demand. It would be great if the internet protocol of the future was designed to secure traffic by default in a peer to peer fashion over insecure public infrastructure that has been riddled with interception equipment. A secure networked world is a more vibrant and free world so essential for democracy and I look forward to the day that day is realized otherwise we risk losing all that we take for granted and hold dear in our democratic society that has been slowly having freedoms taken away in the name of safety by eroding our freedoms away little by little till we wake up in a world we don't recognize or want. Please help work together with others to create future secure anonymized services and networks that speedily provide secure communication for the networked world. A great resource I read from Arstechnica describes the pros and cons of such current services and how they can be better adapted, developed or even replaced to meet future demand and threats and you can find it at http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/08/building-a-new-tor-that-withstands-next-generation-state-surveillance

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