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[tor-talk] Metrics in Iran and other countries

Hi all,
1. I was wondering why there is such a huge drop in Direct TOR Traffic?

2. Does a country/government with only a small number of directly
connecting users pose a threat to the people using it in those countries?

3. Where is the most reliable source to find out how secure and trusted
the TOR Network is?
i.e. whether then network or browser has any known vulnerabilities.

4. Is TOR safe to use on it's own, do we need to use other tools along
with it?

Users from Australia directly connecting to the TOR Network appears on
the steady decline, at least according to the metrics data.

Does this mean TOR Users in Australia will be under more scrutiny and

Here is the metrics on users directly connecting to TOR from Iran.
Since January it has fluctuated significantly.

5. Can I still recommend TOR for people in Iran, or would that be
dangerous and irresponsible?

6. Is there a visual display of the TOR Network as overall? (similar
visuals to what vidalia use to provide)

Thank you for your replies :)

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Kind Regards,
Andri Effendi <fusionman133@xxxxxx>

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