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Re: [tor-talk] Tor-friendly email provider

Oskar Wendel:
> I need an email provider who will:
> a) allow receiving mail through pop3 or imap over tls (or tor hidden 
> service)
> b) allow sending mail through smtp over tls (or tor hidden service)
> c) be tor-friendly (my current provider blocks some tor exit nodes 
> when I try to send mail through it)
> d) have a good reputation (emails sent from it won't be classified as 
> spam)
> e) don't filter incoming emails in any way
> f) be anonymous and free or payable with scrypt-based coins
> (litecoin, dogecoin, etc.)
> Do you have any recommendations?

I rarely have problems with Yandex. Sometimes it doesn't allow an IMAP
connection so I simply choose a new identity from TBB. GMX also works
well. Both support SMTP and IMAP over Tor and both have web interfaces.
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