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Re: [tor-talk] Tor bridges over ICMP or DNS


Roman Mamedov:
> Hello,
> Has anyone considered making a Tor bridge protocol with ICMP as transport?
> https://github.com/DhavalKapil/icmptunnel
> http://www.mit.edu/afs.new/sipb/user/golem/tmp/ptunnel-0.61.orig/web/
> http://thomer.com/icmptx/
> http://code.gerade.org/hans/
> Or tunneling over DNS?
> http://code.kryo.se/iodine/
> http://thomer.com/howtos/nstx.html
> http://analogbit.com/2008/07/27/tcp-over-dns-tunnel-software-howto/
> The current OBFS3/OBFS4 seem to have proven ineffective (as there is nearly
> zero Tor bridge use in China), so perhaps there needs to be something more
> stealthy.

I just want to point out that the aim of bridges isn't necessarily to be
"stealthy" and hide traffic - that's really difficult.

In fact, the most successful pluggable transport in China happens to be
Meek on Azure, which works from the principle that it's difficult to
block extremely large content delivery networks (in this case,
Microsoft's Azure). This isn't stealthy in the slightest!

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