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Re: [tor-talk] Document Leak: German Agency BND cooperates with NSA and GCHQ to attack Tor

Reading further it seems its all about the all known traffic correlation
attacks... nothing new. I already sent months ago here some short
proposals of "what we should do" to prevent these attacks. Now its all
up to Tor developers to do it or not, I actually don't have time right
now to work on Tor itself. (Alternatives like I2P seems safer).

What we should be concerned right now is the 0day bounty program by
Zerodium. I know for sure someone will discover a 0day that works
without Javascript enabled and then governments could use it anywhere.
Of course, I hope its only on the bad Tor like CP or drugs, but, we
cannot be sure they will only employ it there or to hack some
whistleblower or human rights fighter, and that's why we have to condemn
these attacks. Mass hacking always hack innocent people.

El 14/09/17 a las 15:43, Jonathan Marquardt escribió:
> https://netzpolitik.org/2017/geheime-dokumente-der-bnd-hat-das-anonymisierungs-netzwerk-tor-angegriffen-und-warnt-vor-dessen-nutzung/
> (German link)
> Netzpolitik.org (a german news blog focused on politics surrounding the 
> digital world) today released a leak of internal emails and documents of the 
> Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND, german intelligence service). The BND has it's 
> own working group deticated to deanonymizing Tor users since 2008 and 
> cooperates with the NSA and the GCHQ. All three agencies run their own exit 
> nodes. The BND warned other german authorities not to use Tor as it's 
> anonymization is allegedly ineffective.
> The BND developed a technique to deanonymize Tor users and gave a prototype of 
> it to the NSA, in expectation of compensation.

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