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Re: [tor-talk] can't connect data bases and scientific journals

I have breaking news that involves years of torture, abuse, cohercion, multiple attempts at my life by the CIA, CSIS, and the intelligence community. It involves a botched CIA operation in Russia, the theft of trillions of dollars of intellectual property, and the prevention of recognition for my discoveries (world changing Physics) and said intellectual property. I am in fear for my life and have been for years and an incompetent FBI has done nothing. All legitimate facets of democracy have been reached repeatedly without success (complete manipulation). 

I need your help! I need this published and reported immediately. My life and my families lives depend on it. I have attached the keystone document and I have put all of the substantiating information on a website (a former business website that I have abolished): www.reculuxury.com

Help my Family and Me!

Benjamin Allen Sullivan

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