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Re: [tor-talk] Advertised Bandwidth in tor atlas

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 06:36:12PM +0200, tor-list@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I'm running
> https://atlas.torproject.org/#details/D91F0F2683A264D8A6FDA7736D75FBC327F3F4F5
> Atlas shows, that the advertised bandwidth is around 54 KiB/s.
> The machine is running in a data center (hetzner) having:
> RelayBandwidthRate 7000 KB  # Throttle traffic to 7000B/s (56Mbps)
> RelayBandwidthBurst 8000 KB # But allow bursts up to 8000KB/s (64Mbps).
> Do you know why atlas is showing 54 KiB/s, only?

Thanks for wanting to run a bridge!

The short answer is that your bridge is not seeing much use. Bridge
addresses are given out to users who need them based on a variety of
distribution strategies, and each distribution strategy tries to pick
a different point on the "easy for users to find" vs "hard for censors
to find" spectrum. So some bridges are given out to many people, but
they end up blocked quickly in China; whereas other bridges are not
given out to many people, but also they aren't blocked as quickly.

At least, that's the theory -- in practice, unless you are offering the
obfs4 pluggable transport too (and it looks like you're not), your bridge
will get blocked quickly in China anyway, and most other countries right
now are able to reach the Tor network without needing bridges at all.

Perhaps you want to switch your bridge to being a normal public relay,
since it has quite a bit of bandwidth? See also

And lastly, in the future this question will get a more consistent
response on the tor-relays list:


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