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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Research presentation at the CCC

Well would be cool if u opensourced all ur findings and research

Take care 

On September 25, 2017 6:52:35 PM GMT+02:00, COLLIER Ben <s1263350@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hello all,
>I hope that this finds all of you well - as some of you may know, I'm a
>researcher at the University of Edinburgh and I've been conducting some
>sociological research with members of the Tor community over the last
>nine months or so. This has been going well - everyone I've spoken to
>has been extremely generous with their time and I really appreciate all
>the contributions I've had. I've conducted around 20 anonymous
>interviews so far with relay operators, developers and other members of
>the community and the Tor Project.
>In the interests of feeding back some of my findings I had thought that
>I might submit a "work-in-progress" talk to this year's CCC on the
>research I've carried out so far. I thought that this might be a good
>opportunity to give something back to the community, to open some of my
>findings and research up to scrutiny and to invite discussion (while
>obviously strictly preserving the anonymity of respondents). I would of
>course make it clear that this research isn't affiliated with or
>carried out by the Tor Project.
>The CCC is obviously a very meaningful event for the Tor Project and
>the Tor community more broadly and I wanted to signal my intentions
>here on the Tor-talk mailing list to get a sense of whether this would
>pose any difficulties for the community, make anyone uncomfortable, or
>just generally be felt to be inappropriate. If anyone has any
>objections or concerns about me submitting a talk about my research to
>one of the CCC streams for this year then I'd be very grateful if you
>could let me know before the call for papers ends on the 15th October
>and I can take it into consideration and discuss how best, or whether,
>to proceed.
>Additionally, if anyone is interested in taking part in the research,
>doing an interview or generally has concerns or questions about the
>research then please feel free to get in touch.
>Thank you again to everyone I've spoken to so far, and to the community
>in general for your patience with my emails!
>Very best,
>Ben Collier
>Twitter: @JohnnyHistone
>Edinburgh University PhD Researcher Profile:
>Blog: https://bencollierblog.wordpress.com/
><https://bencollierblog.wordpress.com/>SCCJR Profile:

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