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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is released

On Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 08:09:10PM -0400, Nick Mathewson wrote:
> Changes in version - 2018-08-06
>   Tor fixes several small compilation, portability, and
>   correctness issues in previous versions of Tor. This version is a
>   release candidate: if no serious bugs are found, we expect that the
>   stable 0.3.4 release will be (almost) the same as this release.

Hi folks,

We screwed up and left out some changes entries in the
changelog. They are now in the ChangeLog file in git:

and I've included them below for completeness. I don't think any of them
are super important, but sorry for the surprise.

  o Minor features (compilation):
    - When compiling with --enable-openbsd-malloc or --enable-tcmalloc,
      tell the compiler not to include the system malloc implementation.
      Fixes bug 20424; bugfix on
    - Don't try to use a pragma to temporarily disable the
      -Wunused-const-variable warning if the compiler doesn't support
      it. Fixes bug 26785; bugfix on

  o Minor features (controller):
    - The control port now exposes the list of HTTPTunnelPorts and
      ExtOrPorts via GETINFO net/listeners/httptunnel and
      net/listeners/extor respectively. Closes ticket 26647.

  o Minor bugfixes (continuous integration):
    - Skip a pair of unreliable key generation tests on Windows, until
      the underlying issue in bug 26076 is resolved. Fixes bug 26830 and
      bug 26853; bugfix on and respectively.

  o Minor bugfixes (directory authority):
    - When voting for recommended versions, make sure that all of the
      versions are well-formed and parsable. Fixes bug 26485; bugfix

   o Minor bugfixes (compilation):
    - Update build system so that tor builds again with --disable-unittests
      after recent refactoring. Fixes bug 26789; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (logging):
    - Improve the log message when connection initiators fail to
      authenticate direct connections to relays. Fixes bug 26927; bugfix

  o Minor bugfixes (portability):
    - Work around two different bugs in the OS X 10.10 and later SDKs
      that would prevent us from successfully targeting earlier versions
      of OS X. Fixes bug 26876; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (single onion services, Tor2web):
    - Log a protocol warning when single onion services or Tor2web
      clients fail to authenticate direct connections to relays. Fixes
      bug 26924; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (testing):
    - Disable core dumps in test_bt.sh, to avoid failures in "make
      distcheck". Fixes bug 26787; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (v3 onion services):
    - Stop sending ed25519 link specifiers in v3 onion service introduce
      cells and descriptors, when the rendezvous or introduction point
      doesn't support ed25519 link authentication. Fixes bug 26627;
      bugfix on

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