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[tor-talk] Two Degrees of Removal

I find that with Tor Browser 8, I can no longer use the method I've run for years.  I have Tor from the TBB running in a KVM virtual machine dedicated to that.  Then from other machines I set up reverse SSH tunnels to the Tor server, and set the SOCKS proxy in Firefox to one of the 15 ports I have set up with TBB.

Please no lectures.  I am fully aware of what can come through to my browser.  I'm more concerned about the Tor server being compromised, in which case they'd be tied up in the virtual machine.

But with version 8 of TBB with every SSL site I get,
"Secure Connection Failed
"The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading."

Apparently this is due to the tighter configs in the TBB.

I've tried installing Tails in the VM, but always have trouble booting a VM to a DVD image.  I'd like to run Tails from a chattr +i .iso DVD device, or maybe a USB device, but it doesn't work with a KVM VM, and I can't get in to Tails' XMPP support as I haven't had time to set up and learn it.

Input is welcomed on the best direction to go from here.
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